Running to the Cadillacs & Graffiti

Exercising is definitely one of the best ways to clear a mind, it especially helps with getting positive thoughts flowing. For Dad and I, working out has always helped us with our thought process and problem solving. Knowing we needed to think long and hard about what we could do to get the rv on the road again, we turned to a good old run to get our brains working!

Fortunately our campground was just a few miles from the famous Cadillac Ranch! So we grabbed our camera, laced up our shoes, and headed out to cross one more must-see off the bucket list. Don’t worry about Mom y’all, we asked permission if it was okay with her; she said as long as we get plenty of pictures she’d be fine! Also because the campground we stayed at had their own half-buried rv at their entrance, so she was just as happy to have a picture with that one. 🙂


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Whew, What A Day

Hi everyone! First off I just wanted to let you all know the three of us are fine. Yesterday was an eventful day filled with good and bad.

We had to wait a couple of hours to get the day rolling yesterday due to some small rain showers, but the skies cleared up and made for wonderful riding weather. In fact they were such great conditions I had one of my best rides yet!


Bicycle Rotue 66 allows us to ride on I-40 in low traffic areas!

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1,645 Miles by Day 18

Good evening from a quaint Texas town 3,000 ft up in the sky! The campground we are staying at tonight is perched atop a hill that has an amazing 360 degree view. You can literally see for miles and miles.

Last night, once we finished our to-do lists, we went into the rec room and had much-needed fun time playing pool. They also had a piano that Mom and I each took turns playing that one classic song everyone knows! 🙂 We stayed in there a while playing a few rounds of pool, laughing at the lucky shots and hilarious scratches.


This morning Dad and I rolled out right after the sun came up, continuing on Route 66. While planning this trip we found a bicycle specific route for 66 that we’ve been following since El Reno. It has detailed directions and maps that inform us of any must-knows or road conditions. It’s definitely nice having the route already planned and knowing cyclists ride these exact roads all year-long.

Within the first few miles we stopped at the Elk City, OK Route 66 Museum, which was definitely a sight to see. They weren’t open yet but we were able to look around the parking lot at all the statues and props. This museum looks like a great place to visit if anyone is ever in Elk City!


For the next 65 miles we rarely had a car pass us. With the exception of going through towns, we’d go miles without seeing any cars on Route 66. It definitely gave us a better opportunity to look around at the scenery. The wind was really great today; it was a northeast wind that never hindered our pace, and even helped me zoom along at some points. Oh, and for the second time on this trip, we entered into Texas y’all! 🙂

As we continued on the route we kept an eye on a couple developing storms, that were in the direction we were headed, just hoping we could finish before they hit. Unfortunately it began raining on us and lightning bolts started hitting the ground a couple of miles ahead of us. Seeing as though we were on a long stretch of road, ten miles from the next town, we saw an overpass on I-40 and decided to pull over and take shelter underneath it. Securing the scooter against the guardrail, Dad and I walked up the inside of the overpass and sat down underneath for protection.

Sitting on a tarp we prepacked for such weather conditions, we relaxed and watched the storm roll in. Dad and I love watching storms develop and progress (from a safe place of course), so we were completely fine with this detour. While waiting the storm out a motorcyclist came up and took shelter under the underpass with us, staying for well over an hour. It was fun comparing and discussing the differences between riding a motorcycle, scooter, and bicycle cross-country. The storm carried steady wind, rain, and scattered lightning, but we were very safe underneath. We ended up having to stay for two hours since the storm was moving so slow. Dad and I stayed in touch with Mom, who had already arrived at tonight’s campground, making sure she knew we were fine and not to worry.


Our set up for the storm. I got a little chilly, but my LG wind breaker kept me warm!

Finally, the storm passed and with just a light drizzle, we got back on Route 66 heading towards the blue sky. The best part of the storm was the left over tailwind that guided us the rest of our 88 mile ride! If we hadn’t of been detoured by the storm we would’ve been home before lunchtime! But Dad and I both agreed that today was definitely a ride we would remember forever. 🙂 We did see (and smell) a few different animals on today’s ride; four turkeys ran across the road in front of us, we passed by countless dead skunks that still packed a punch, and even passed by an enormous porcupine (unfortunately it seemed to have been there a while).


Dad took this picture at the best time! Check out the tow load on that truck!

Arriving at the campground Mom had already fixed us lunch (spaghetti with garlic & herb bread, yum!); hot delicious food was the best ending to an adventurous ride. Thanks Mom! The place we’re staying at tonight has a really cool store that has all the Texas/Route 66 novelties you could imagine. They even have “Route Beer.” 🙂

The best part of the shop is what they had outside:


Troublemakers! 🙂


Good and happy times, especially with such a wonderful view!

Today was definitely an adventure! Since we are in such a great location, tonight we’re hoping to the clouds will disperse so we can star-gaze. Thanks for following along and for all your support! 🙂

Sunday Fun Day

This trip isn’t just about me riding and running, it’s also about our family getting to travel the country together! So today we did just that. We slept in, caught up on our to-do lists, and slowed down to enjoy ourselves. Dad “made an appointment” this morning at Mom’s hair salon and got a trim, he has since been outside cleaning and waxing the rv. Mom fixed us a delicious platter of vegetables and homemade hummus for lunch, and has been helping me get our maps and stopping points planned out. We’ve all gone through our to-do lists, getting our usual chores done early so we can relax later. Even on off days we are still working hard! 🙂

As for yesterday’s ride, here’s some photos of what we passed along the way:


This bridge ran over a half mile across the South Canadian River, probably the coolest bridge yet!


Dad & I stopped at the vacant Lucille’s for a quick picnic.


The Will Rogers Highway plaque

Tomorrow we continue on to the west coast! 🙂

Wind, Hills & Heat Can’t Stop Us

**Hello everyone, I had the entire blog written out in detail of our day when we lost internet connection and this was all I could save. All in all today was good. Dad and I took on the 23 mph gust winds, rolling hills, and heat of the day logging 98 miles total. The sights of Route 66 were wonderful and we’re looking forward to seeing much more. Mom had a smooth drive from point to point and since I-40 & Route 66 run beside each other, she passed by us waving and is definitely enjoying herself in the rv! We made it to tonight’s stop safe and sound at a really nice campground that has exceptional hospitality. So good night and thanks for all your support!**

Good evening! Today was our first official day starting off on Route 66 and it was quite the day!

Within the first few miles of riding on 66 we turned left into downtown El Reno and were taken aback by an intricate painting on the side of a building. Before beginning our trip on Route 66 we knew we’d see many landmarks and different sights, so we anticipated such random must-sees.


This painting was amazing, definintely made for a great start to our Route 66 journey!

Getting Our Kicks On Route 66

It’s official, we’ve made it to Route 66! After sixteen days of riding across, over, up, and zig zagging, we have finally started traveling on Route 66. Mom, Dad, and I are really looking forward to experiencing all of the Route 66 must-sees!

Having planned our route to go straight up through Oklahoma has made for two days of great riding. Since the wind has been blowing from the southwest, we’ve been spoiled with a sweet tailwind. Most of today’s 90 mile ride was on smooth rolling hills, but when we hit flats I couldn’t resist cranking it up for several miles. I wish I had pushed the lap button on my computer each time to see the average speed, but I was just having too much fun cruising! 🙂

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Five Days On, One Day Off

It’s not a race (this year), so Mom, Dad, and I decided to take a rest and relaxation day. We are currently in Texas, about half a mile from the Oklahoma border enjoying a good day off!

Dad put a lot of time in today working on the rv, scooter, and bike, making sure everything is running pristine. Mom made us yummy pancakes for breakfast and dared to do our dirty laundry. 🙂

To help keep my legs fresh, I decided to go for a short two-hour ride this morning, which was a great idea! Since then Mom and Dad have sentenced me to rest, relax, and hydrate. It’s definitely hard to sit still when you’re used to going all day.

Tomorrow we enter Oklahoma! 🙂

Fourteenth Day & Still Going

Hello everyone! After having a few 80-90 miles days in row, we decided today’s route would be 100 miles. The ride was fine, all the roads had a big enough shoulder for us, and the sun stayed behind the clouds all day. It never got hot which definitely helped with keeping our speed up!


At mile 80 Dad and I pulled over to put more gas into the scooter when a truck pulled up behind us and a man got out. He walked up with a big smile on his face saying, “I know you! I saw you on the news last night!” He introduced himself, we all talked about the news story, he asked for a couple of pictures, and wished us good luck on the rest of our trip. By him pulling over to say hi definitely helped boost our moral for the rest of the ride! It was nice meeting you Mr. Williams! If any of you all see us on the roads don’t hesitate to say hello and wave, it really helps! 🙂

DSCN2171Mr. Williams & I

With the sun still hidden behind the clouds we continued on the route, knocking off the miles pretty swiftly. All throughout the ride we came across dead skunks that still packed a pungent punch! Phew! Many pastures with cows, ranches with horses and donkeys, as well as countless acres of corn and hay. At many points on our route you could look back, as well as forward, and see for miles! Other than that no problems or incidents all day; another successful day!

Now we are all just chilling at a campground getting ready for tomorrow’s ride. Thank you for all your continued support! 🙂

Bonjour Y’all!

Good evening from Paris, Texas!

When planning the last week’s route I couldn’t help but reroute our trip so we could pass through Paris! I mean how often can a cyclist say they rode to Paris?! Even though it shortened my daily average so we could make this a stopping point, it was well worth the alteration.

Today’s ride went by fast, mainly because I was so excited to see the famous Eiffel Tower sporting a classic cowboy hat! WIth 80 miles logged for the day, Dad and I took a bunch of photos with us standing by the Tower. It’s definitely a sight to see if any of you are in the Paris area!


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