Day 30: August 26th

Wednesday, August 26th

After getting halfway across the Mojave desert the day before, we started back again at the previous day’s stopping point. I-40 was amazing as far as traffic and shoulder width; the only problems were the random giant pieces of debris that only seemed to appear when I was descending.


Love seeing these signs all along I-40 in California! 🙂

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California & the Mojave Desert

We’re in California! Since we were in a smaller city yesterday it took a while to find a rental car, but Mom and Dad were able to get a small car for the rest of our trip. It’s definitely unfair that Dad can’t ride the scooter with me for the last few days, but I’m glad he can still follow me in a car.

Yesterday we did take a short break and walked down into downtown Kingman, having some fun with their landmarks.




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Day 28: Mom to the Rescue!

Good evening! As far as riding, day 28 was a success. But as far as everything going well with all of our equipment, that’s another story. About nine miles into the route Dad heard a loud bang in the scooter; the drive belt had broken. Since the belt controls the transmission that means the scooter won’t move an inch further. Unfortunately the parts for the scooter are special orders done so at a scooter dealer that carries the specific model. Seeing as though we are traveling and very rarely we pass through big cities, the scooter is now undriveable. I feel so bad for Dad because he was so excited to say he drove a scooter all the way across the country, being able to do every mile with me. 😦


Not a happy camper 😦

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Day 27: Done By 11am!

Good evening! Yesterday was another frustrating day having issues with the rv. We spent the majority of the day at an rv dealership but accomplished nothing because all the repairs we need takes weeks. So with more band aids on the rv, we’re continuing on with our adventure. When we get to California we’re hoping to find an authorized and qualified rv dealership, where they can take care of our long list of repairs. Little disappointing for an rv with less than 7,500 miles.

Moving down the road, we fortunately had another great ride today! It was a bit of a chilly start beginning our day with the sun rise, but as we went along it warmed up later in the day. We did have the occasional wind as well as the usual patchy job on I-40’s shoulder, but other than that today went smooth. Mom left at the same time we did and made it to the campground with no problems. She conquered a six-mile/6% grade descent today which is a big accomplishment for her driving the rv! Dad and I thanked her with a bouquet of flowers and a Debbie Macomber book she hasn’t read yet. 🙂


Mileage sign at our midpoint stop. We’re getting closer to LA!

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Day 25: We’re In Arizona!

It seems like we zoomed through New Mexico! What a beautiful state it was too; all the way to the Arizona border we continued to be amazed by the landscape and ridges.

Yesterday we decided to take a day off from traveling to relax and enjoy some down time at the campground. Once we finished our to-do lists, we chilled in the pool, watched a couple of movies, and rested up. The campground even had a life-sized chess board! Mom and I played a couple of rounds, during which I learned she has some sneaky moves, cornering my king and calling checkmate! 🙂


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Lava Fields & The Continental Divide

Hello y’all! The three of us woke up this morning and stepped out into what felt like fall weather. It was a chilly 60 degrees, which definitely blew my mind seeing as though in Florida it’s already 80 degrees at 7am! So I got to whip out my LG fall jacket/vest a little early this year. 🙂

Mom got Dad and I all loaded up and ready to go with water, delicious peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, electrolyte drinks, the map, lights, technology, and giant hugs. Passing through the town of Grants, we started our soon to be scenic 105 mile route. The bicycle maps advised us to avoid riding on I-40 for today, due to the lack of shoulders, so we had to take an additional thirty-mile detour.



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