About Amanda

Amanda was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She grew up active while taking interest in many different activities. Her parents introduced her to swimming before she was two, and she continued to be on a competitive summer swim team into her teen years, qualifying for numerous TSA events.

Growing up she cheered her dad on in running and triathlon races, and even raced in some kiddy races. Since the age of two she has been riding with her dad; from the back of his bike, to riding her little Barbie bike home from school, all the way up to when she got her first road bike when she was fifteen.

In high school Amanda ran on the cross country and track teams, played JV basketball, and started racing in cycling and triathlon races. Cycling became her main sport, racing in several criteriums, road races, and time trials (TTs are by far her favorite!). When she was seventeen, she competed in her first National cycling races, and finished well for her level of experience. Amanda even received a cycling scholarship for college. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of cycling and triathlons with others, and definitely likes having a fun time while training.

She’s been a huge Disney fan ever since her parents took her to Disney World for the first time on her fifth birthday. At age six she got her very best friend Shelley, a beautiful sheltie, whom she created infinite amounts of memories with for fifteen years.

Her absolute favorite musician is LIGHTS, but still loves rocking out to 80’s rock like Journey, STYX, Rush, Boston, Kansas, and Van Halen. She gained a love for board games and puzzles from her mom, as well as her love for coffee. In addition, Amanda loves baking and cooking, always trying new recipes as well as following her Swedish heritage, especially around the holidays. She has always enjoyed spending time with her family, having grown up making great memories with her parents and grandparents. Amanda has always wanted to travel the world, and hopes to see as many sights as she can.

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