HAM’R Information

Here is some information about the HAM’R:

HAM’R stands for Highest Annual Mileage Record. This record attempt runs over the course of 365 consecutive days.

The current women’s world record was set in 1938 by Billie Fleming/Dovey with a total of 29,603.7 miles.

Drafting is allowed, so if needed, I can ride with other cyclists all throughout the year. Speed is not important for this record attempt; although the faster I ride the more miles I can log each day. I am allowed to take days off, so if any unforeseen circumstances arise I will not be penalized or disqualified. The records official will be monitoring me with a GPS tracker that I will have on my person at all times while I am riding.

During my HAM’R attempt I will be uploading each day’s ride from my Garmin to a website known as Strava (an online mileage log). I will then share a ride summary, showing each day’s mileage on my Facebook Athlete page for all to see.

Here is my Facebook Athlete Page if you are interested in following along:

Amanda Coker HAM’R Page

Here is the UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) HAM’R page with information on it:



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