Post Ride Travels: Part 2

Hello again! I didn’t realize we had done so much in the last few days so I figured it’d be best to split them into two posts. 🙂

After driving down from Oregon on Wednesday and Thursday, we were glad to wake up on Friday to a delicious breakfast and a  much shorter drive.

Going another hour down the road, we made it to the rv shop to find that everything had been fixed on the rv, but only a couple of cosmetic items were left to be finished. Figuring it was going to be a few more days we checked in at a nearby hotel and started planning our weekend adventures.

Now I’m not sure if you all know how big of Disney fans we are so the top have-to on our list was to go and check out Disneyland! Being able to visit both Disneyland and Disney World within two weeks of each other is pretty exciting. But when we got there we came to find that tickets were a little too pricey for just an afternoon visit, so we opted to just enjoy Downtown Disney and the hotels. Yes, it would have been really cool to go and inside and experiences the parks, but gas in the rv is a lot higher up on the list of priorities! 🙂


Views of the parks from the Grand Californian balcony 🙂

IMG_1961  Luckily, we met a really nice cast member who shared some awesome spots in the hotel to see, especially a private balcony where we were able to watch a water show in California Adventure. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to Disney World to ride Space Mountain, Aerosmith, and Everest! 🙂

On Saturday, since our rv was still in the shop, the dealership gave us passes to the California RV Show that just happened to be this weekend. We spent the day there just having fun looking at all the multi-million dollar motorhomes and the cute little compact tow behinds. The sky seems to be the limit on how a person can go about traveling these days! I was really into the Livin Lite tow behinds; how cool would it be to travel/live in a Jeep Wrangler towing a small toy hauler/camper?! All that’s missing for me is a cute puppy in the passenger seat. 🙂


I think it’s a little tight in there, what do you think? 🙂


Cute kids 🙂

While at the show we met a salesman that happened to have a really interesting past. As we got to talking with him and sharing stories about traveling and my ride, he mentioned that he knows how tough that level of performance is, having had been in the Olympics a couple of times. Come to find out that Maurice was in fact Maurice Greene, the 100m gold medalist and world record holder! It was definitely cool sharing stories with him and talking about our feats as athletes! It was nice meeting you Maurice, thanks for all your kind words and support!


Over the last week this section of California has had a heat wave and boy has it been toasty. Beating the heat, I got up early on Sunday and was able to create a loop around the hotel neighborhood, which turned out to be pretty good! There’s always a way to workout while on vacation, all it takes is a little creativity. 🙂

One perk of the rv needing more time was being able to met some family for the first time! My mom’s mother’s cousin lives on the southern pacific coast so we were excited to plan a visit with them in Carlsbad. Making another day trip we were able to have a great lunch outside near the coastline, sharing stories of my great-grandmother and our Swedish heritage.


It was really great meeting you Bill, Elsa, and Linne, thanks for having us and for following along with our adventure, it truly means a lot! Thanks to the recommendations from Bill, we were able to check out the Carlsbad beach areas and even drove up the PCH 1 for a while to a really cool lookout point in Dana Point. Driving around California we’ve been able to pass through countless cities and towns, just checking them off the to-see list one by one.


Today (Monday), after another good nights rest and morning run, we set off to Santa Monica to meet a long time pen pal of mine. After watching an exciting ITU (professional triathlons) race when I was fifteen, I sent Kirsten Sweetland a message congratulating her on such a stellar race and the rest is history! Over the years she’s given me advice and tips on training, as well as sending much-needed well wishes during my setbacks. Since this year’s triathlon series had come to a close, she was down from Canada for training camp, and we figured what better chance did we have than to meet up now!



She showed me around Red Bull headquarters, we did a little workout together, and got to catch up on each other’s lives. It was definitely a blast meeting with a friend after so many years. Thanks Kirsten for such a great time, so glad we could meet up today! 🙂

Later today Mom, Dad, and I went to the Santa Monica Pier, going by the famous Muscle Beach, as well as finding the “End of Route 66” sign! With the exception of less than of a hundred miles, we pretty much drove then entire PCH; the rental car has definitely had some miles put on it over the last six weeks!


*No Flex Zone* 🙂



Ever since we told people we were going to California they’ve told us that we had to eat at In n Out, so for dinner we finally made it to one. What a treat it was! We had the animal style doubles and boy were they delicious, definitely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. If only they were healthy. haha 🙂


Well after six weeks of traveling through Oregon and California, meeting wonderful lifetime friends, making new friends, seeing one of a kind sights, and much-needed fun, we are headed back to the East Coast. I can’t believe what we’ve done over the last three months and the amount of amazing memories we’ve shared. After all we’ve been through and all we’ve overcome, this trip has set the rest of our lives up for the better.

As always thank you to everyone who has supported us, for the well wishes, and for following!

2 thoughts on “Post Ride Travels: Part 2”

  1. Hi you’ll, We really enjoyed the day together and I’m happy that you enjoyed the drive up the coast. Dana Point is just one of the best places along the coast. Sorry you aren’t staying longer. Have a safe and enjoyable trip back to the left coast. Peace and Love to you all, Bill, Elsa, and Linne’……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Yes, it really was a nice drive back up part of the coast. Our visit in California really did fly by, but I know we are all glad to have had a chance to finally meet the three of you! Thanks for having us and sharing stories and laughs!


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