California & the Mojave Desert

We’re in California! Since we were in a smaller city yesterday it took a while to find a rental car, but Mom and Dad were able to get a small car for the rest of our trip. It’s definitely unfair that Dad can’t ride the scooter with me for the last few days, but I’m glad he can still follow me in a car.

Yesterday we did take a short break and walked down into downtown Kingman, having some fun with their landmarks.




We started today’s ride a little after 6am, knowing that we’d be entering the Mojave Desert where temperatures reach up to 120 degrees. Luck was on our side today though because there were countless scattered storm clouds all along our route, which created a much appreciated shield from the sun! Not only that but for the first 55 miles of the route the roads steadily went down allowing me to crank up the pace. Since roads are sparse in these parts of Arizona and California, I was able to ride on I-40 all day. It was awesome; I had a very wide shoulder and traffic was so light.


Dad was able to keep a good eye on me all day stopping and waiting, as well as pulling off exit ramps until I passed. We did get to practice bottle exchanges a couple of times, it was so cool dropping bottles and grabbing them on the go. Might have to practice feed bag grabs soon. 🙂


Once we got out of Needles there was a steady 15-mile climb that dropped down into the Mojave Desert. While climbing up the front side 18-wheelers were struggling up the mountain side; I was actually going faster than a couple of them! I’ve never seen such eerie sights before; cacti was scattered all over the valley floors, the mountain peaks were jagged, dust tornadoes were everywhere, and the road seemed endless. Luckily the clouds were still present so the Mojave heat wasn’t a factor, just the choppy winds. At some points when 18-wheelers passed by I got caught in a whirlwind, it was pretty wicked!


The Mojave Desert is mystifying


Making sure we don’t get lost in the desert 😉

Dad said to go as far as I felt like going, since the weather was on our side, so I called it a good day at 109 miles. Thanks to the rental car, we just pulled over off of 40, loaded up my bike, and drove back to where Mom was set up in a campground for the night. As for tomorrow’s ride, Dad will just drive us to the same point and I’ll start from there!

Coming back to the rv set up in an awesome spot, shower bag ready to go, and an awesome spaghetti dinner that didn’t stand a chance when it hit my plate, how can anyone else have a better Mom than mine?! Thanks Mom 🙂

Day 29 of riding was a success! It’s wild to think that we’re less than 300 miles from being done!

6 thoughts on “California & the Mojave Desert”

  1. I am glad that train was stopped LOL your having a great ride Amanda sorry that dad had to follow you in a car nice pictures safe ride.😍😍😍😍😍


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