Day 27: Done By 11am!

Good evening! Yesterday was another frustrating day having issues with the rv. We spent the majority of the day at an rv dealership but accomplished nothing because all the repairs we need takes weeks. So with more band aids on the rv, we’re continuing on with our adventure. When we get to California we’re hoping to find an authorized and qualified rv dealership, where they can take care of our long list of repairs. Little disappointing for an rv with less than 7,500 miles.

Moving down the road, we fortunately had another great ride today! It was a bit of a chilly start beginning our day with the sun rise, but as we went along it warmed up later in the day. We did have the occasional wind as well as the usual patchy job on I-40’s shoulder, but other than that today went smooth. Mom left at the same time we did and made it to the campground with no problems. She conquered a six-mile/6% grade descent today which is a big accomplishment for her driving the rv! Dad and I thanked her with a bouquet of flowers and a Debbie Macomber book she hasn’t read yet. 🙂


Mileage sign at our midpoint stop. We’re getting closer to LA!

Dad and I rode through a couple really nice towns that were tourist attractions for the Grand Canyon; the food smelled so good and they definitely made it on my list of sights to see for our trip home! We had to ride down the same descent Mom did which was a blast going down, safely of course. Today’s route took us from 7,500 feet down to 5,500 feet so it made for a really easy day of riding.


The last 16 miles of the ride was on Route 66 and at one point it took us up a steady climb on the side of a small mountain. While we were climbing we heard horns honking and motorcycles coming up behind us; it was the Aussies we met at the Arizona border! They were all waving and shouting hellos. We couldn’t believe we saw them again, what a great bunch! 🙂


The last few miles was an awesome descent into the town we’re staying in tonight. At one point we were surprised by a train coming through the side of the mountain, and it was hauling over a hundred loads with five engines! It just chugged along.

Today was the first time we finished by 11am, which has been great! Now it’s time to get off the blog and go and enjoy the town with what sunlight is left. Here’s to hoping we get to see a lot of stars tonight! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 27: Done By 11am!”

  1. So sorry about your RV hope you get where you can get your repairs on it safe travels loving your post hugs 😍😍😍😍😍


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