Autographed Guinness World Records 2020 Edition Available Now!

Since the release of the Guinness World Records 2020 edition, I’ve had several requests for autographed copies. For those of you who are interested in purchasing one, please follow the link to my Facebook Shop.
I can autograph over my picture on page 123, or I can sign on the blank page Guinness provides on the inside of the front cover.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 🙂

Autographed Guinness World Records 2020 Book

Also, I still have bracelets, earrings, “Inspiration Is Contagious” wrist bands, autograph photo cards, and bundles available at my shop.

Amanda Coker Shop

2020 Guinness Book Shop Photo

HAM’R Memorabilia

Hello everyone!

Throughout the HAM’R and the time since I finished, I’ve had many people ask me the number of components I went through during my world records. This got me thinking about a creative way to share my world record experience with my wonderful supporters (YOU) around the world.
Taking all of the chains I used during the HAM’R, my mom and I decided to make earrings and bracelets so you can have a piece of history! The bracelets and earrings will all come with a certificate of authenticity, verifying you are in possession of items actually used during my world records.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my HAM’R was having so many of you reach out to me to express how inspirational my world records were for you. Hearing your stories of personal achievements lead me to adopt my favorite saying, Inspiration is Contagious. Which is why I decided to make wristbands with said quote on them in hopes of spreading inspiration to others!

I’m also excited to share that I had quality photo cards made up so now I can send an autograph to you, no matter where in the world you are!

Feel free to visit my Facebook Athlete Page where all the items are listed under the tab “Shop”:

Amanda Coker HAM’R Memorabilia

Please let me know if you have any questions!

HAM’R Information

Here is some information about the HAM’R:

HAM’R stands for Highest Annual Mileage Record. This record attempt runs over the course of 365 consecutive days.

The current women’s world record was set in 1938 by Billie Fleming/Dovey with a total of 29,603.7 miles.

Drafting is allowed, so if needed, I can ride with other cyclists all throughout the year. Speed is not important for this record attempt; although the faster I ride the more miles I can log each day. I am allowed to take days off, so if any unforeseen circumstances arise I will not be penalized or disqualified. The records official will be monitoring me with a GPS tracker that I will have on my person at all times while I am riding.

During my HAM’R attempt I will be uploading each day’s ride from my Garmin to a website known as Strava (an online mileage log). I will then share a ride summary, showing each day’s mileage on my Facebook Athlete page for all to see.

Here is my Facebook Athlete Page if you are interested in following along:

Amanda Coker HAM’R Page

Here is the UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) HAM’R page with information on it:



Post Ride Travels: Part 2

Hello again! I didn’t realize we had done so much in the last few days so I figured it’d be best to split them into two posts. 🙂

After driving down from Oregon on Wednesday and Thursday, we were glad to wake up on Friday to a delicious breakfast and a  much shorter drive.

Going another hour down the road, we made it to the rv shop to find that everything had been fixed on the rv, but only a couple of cosmetic items were left to be finished. Figuring it was going to be a few more days we checked in at a nearby hotel and started planning our weekend adventures.

Now I’m not sure if you all know how big of Disney fans we are so the top have-to on our list was to go and check out Disneyland! Being able to visit both Disneyland and Disney World within two weeks of each other is pretty exciting. But when we got there we came to find that tickets were a little too pricey for just an afternoon visit, so we opted to just enjoy Downtown Disney and the hotels. Yes, it would have been really cool to go and inside and experiences the parks, but gas in the rv is a lot higher up on the list of priorities! 🙂


Views of the parks from the Grand Californian balcony 🙂

IMG_1961  Luckily, we met a really nice cast member who shared some awesome spots in the hotel to see, especially a private balcony where we were able to watch a water show in California Adventure. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to Disney World to ride Space Mountain, Aerosmith, and Everest! 🙂

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Post Ride Travels: Part 1

Hello everyone! It’s definitely been way too long since I’ve written a post on here! Over the last few weeks Mom, Dad, and I have been able to do and see so many new things across Oregon and California!

First off I would just like to thank our amazing host family/friends who let us stay with them for our time in Oregon. Bill & Cathy, you two are such wonderful people whom we will forever be grateful to have in our lives, we are definitely family now! 🙂 Our time with them was the most relaxing and fun-filled time I believe the three of us have had in a while! Almost every day we had home cooked meals, whether it was us or them whipping something up, it was always delicious.


Our amazing Oregon family 🙂

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Having a Blast in Oregon!

Hello everyone! It’s hard to think that almost two weeks have gone by since we put our feet in the Pacific Ocean. Since then we’ve continued to enjoy ourselves and have begun our western travels! A few days after finishing we decided to take our rv to a dealership in hopes that they can fix all of its ailments, before we head back east to Florida. In doing so we had to get a rental car; it is bittersweet since we can’t travel in the rv but has allowed us to drive places the rv couldn’t go. After dropping off the rv we drove north to Oregon where we have been visiting with our friends for the last week.


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Day 32, August 30th: Wheels & Toes in the Pacific!

WE MADE IT! After 6 weeks of traveling, rv and scooter hiccups, riding in 100+ degree heat, strong head winds, and countless memories, we finished!

It took me 32 days of riding to get from Fernandina Beach, Florida, to Marina Park in Ventura, California, a total of 2,930 miles! Passing through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally California. Since I can’t drag and drop each road on Google Maps, here’s a close-to-accurate photo of the route we took.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.49.37 PM

Starting our adventure on Sunday July 19th, and finishing on Sunday August 30th, it seems like this trip flew by!

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Day 31: August 27th

Thursday, August 27th

Once we joined up with Route 66 in El Reno, Oklahoma, we started using Bicycle Route 66 maps. Up until this day we hadn’t had any hiccups with the route, other than the typical pavement conditions. Unfortunately during Thursday’s ride, we had to hit the brakes on using the maps. Starting out in our usual routine we had a nice morning of back roads and little traffic. Getting closer to Los Angeles, we started passing through more and more cities, which meant heavier traffic. We’ve been through many cities and towns that have had heavy traffic, but this day was the first time we ever felt unsafe.


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